Welcome to Brainport Eindhoven! Do you want to settle here or stay for a while? Then this program will help you out!

Program for Success

Starting soon! Brainport to Stay will be offering internationals a ten-week long program led by the best of the region’s professionals. This program will show you the ins and outs of living in the Netherlands, from education to housing, medical care and so much more! We want to teach you the most important skills you need to settle in the Netherlands. Contact us below for more information regarding the program and the starting date.


Speaker – Organization

Module 1: Cultural Relativity

Pieter de Quant – Fontys

Module 2: My Dutch Dream: Life Audit

Melanie Rinehart – Summa College

Module 3: Dutch History and Culture

Melanie Rinehart – Summa College

Module 4: Housing & Finance in the Netherlands

Dennis van Lieshout – Freek Hypotheek

Module 5: Careers in the Netherlands

Ritika Agarwala – Expat Spouses Initiative

Module 6: Visibility in the Workplace

Roopashree Narayan – Philips

Module 7: Social Life

Olivia van den Broek-Neri – Holland Expat Center South

Module 8: Schooling & Higher Education
School System Organization, Primary Schooling,
& Higher Education in the Netherlands

Linda van Steenhoven – Summa College,
Twanny Verdonschot – PR Factor

Module 9: Dutch Medical Care

Dirk Jan Frijling – Healthcare for Internationals
Sandra Gustek – Mental Health Professional

Module 10: Citizenship & Transport /
Travel in the Region

Inge Vogels – STER College
Melanie Rinehart – Summa College


This course will cost you only € 375.-


Use this online form to sign up now!

More information

For more information call Jennie Groenhuijzen at 0402694803.


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