International Business

Your passport for the international business world

learn other languages (English, Spanish, German and Chinese) / commercial insight / management ( supervising) / trade / selling abroad (export) / buying from abroad (import) / customer contact / carrying out surveys / marketing a business and products / international sales / online sales / comprehensive course / progression to University of Applied Science / teamwork / good mix between learning the theory and working on projects

Work with internationally oriented companies 

The programme combines the teaching materials for the course Summa International Business: Assistant Manager International Trade and that of Junior Account Manager. You first follow a work placement with an internationally oriented company in the Netherlands and later abroad.

The link between customer and organisation 

You will eventually be the link between the customer and the organisation for whom you work. At school you will learn how to analyse customer, product and market information, so that you can make your customer attractive sales propositions. You will also learn about import and export and how to draw up an export/marketing plan.

Realistic industry assignments 

International communication and cooperation is an art in itself. Based on realistic industry assignments you will be introduced to the finer points of the international business world.


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This is a programme with a limited number of participants.


General information

  • 3 years
  • Startmoment: August
  • 35% internship
  • 65% school
  • Crebo: 25133


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