Educational concept based on real companies

The Summa International programmes are designed based on a number of current educational insights. The educational concept for these new programmes is characterised by integrated, meaningful education based on realistic company assignments or projects. The programme is composed of ‘blocks’ in which realistic problems in the form of company assignments or projects have to be executed.



Soft skills

Developing soft skills is also a key component of these programmes. Besides international (vocational) knowledge and skills, there will be attention for: study/work ethics, social and communication skills (communicating and collaborating in an international context), ICT skills, personal development and specific professional skills (incl. problem-solving thinking).


Want to join us?

Active participation from and collaboration with internationally oriented companies in the Brainport region is imperative for achieving the ambitions of the Summa International project. Through designing the international programmes as described above, we believe that we can supply companies in the region with more internationally competent employees. Above all, the courses will focus on a 4-plus level, through which participating companies will have the opportunity of drawing on intermediate vocational education talent (either as work placements or employees). The participating companies will also have more direct influence over the curriculum, through which the courses will cater to the needs of companies and the labour market.