To be able to follow a course, you must meet certain pre-education requirements. These are different for each course. On our website you will find the degree or transition certificate you need in order to register.

When can I be admitted to a course at Summa College?

Basically, anyone from 16 years of age can attend vocational training at our college. The admission conditions vary per course and level; check out the course of your choice. Once you have signed up, we will check if your pre-education is in line with the education you want to follow.

Command of Dutch language

The entire course is taught in English, with the exception of the Summa Internation Engineering course, which is taught bilingually.

To successfully complete the course, you will be examined at Dutch level 3F, which compares to B2. However, to start the course you will need a command of the Dutch language at 2F (B1). If you are not at Dutch level 3F, we do offer limited support, but we strongly advise you to take extra lessons in Dutch during your studies, or to work for a Dutch company, etc.