Housing in Eindhoven

If you wish to study in Eindhoven and you want to find somewhere to live in Eindhoven, you would do well to start househunting well in advance. Eindhoven is a real student city and therefore finding suitable accommodation is not easy.


Finding a student room in Eindhoven

Going to study in Eindhoven and looking for a student room? Post a message on Facebook on the ‘Kamers gezocht/aangeboden’ or ‘Kamers, studio’s en appartementen te huur in Eindhoven’ pages. Also, ask friends, acquaintances and relatives in Eindhoven if they know of any rooms available for students. Note that there are websites offering rooms, for example, Kamernet.nl and Kamers.nl. Between them, these sites offer a wide variety of student rooms. You can also get a paid subscription from sites like Rentslam.com, which promises to deliver housing options to your email.



If you need more privacy and/or space, you may want to register with a housing corporation such as VestideWooninc or Trudo. Depending on your present living situation and personal wishes, you may have to wait for some time for suitable accommodation to become available. You can register if you are 17 or older. During your quest for accommodation you may be able to stay at the The Social Hub Eindhoven for the time being. Private landlords in Eindhoven also offer houses for rent to students. However, the terms and  conditions are different. In some cases you need to pay a registration fee, and/or a deposit. Sometimes you have to pay a fee for the intermediary. 

Want to know more about living in Eindhoven? Visit the city of Eindhoven website.