Buying a laptop

Most programmes are impossible to follow without a computer. The use of a laptop is therefore highly recommended.

Depending on the programme you are going to follow, you will need a laptop that meets certain requirements. For some programmes it is possible to use a Macbook. If you have a Macbook, it is important to know that Summa College provides no support for Apple computers (MacOS) or Chromebook. We recommend using Windows 10 or 11.

At the  Campusshop of Paradigit you can buy the computer you need, but you are free to buy where ever you want.


Recommended laptop specifications

Please check back after July 1st for the correct specifications.

Free Office 365

As a student of the Summa College you can install Office 365 for free on a maximum of 5 computers. Its use applies until the end of your education. To download and install Office 365, use your email address from the Summa College. When you first start a course at Summa College, you will receive your personal login details by e-mail in June. You can find an explanation of the installation in this manual (Dutch).

Is Office already on your computer? If it is a recent (trial) version you do not have to remove it. During the first weeks of the school year, most schools address installing the necessary programs on the laptop, including the Microsoft Office package. If this is not the case, contact one of your teachers during the first weeks of the school year.


Apple and MacOS 

Office 365 is also available for Apple computers. Downloading Office 365 for MacOS works the same way as the Windows version. However, Summa College does not support Apple (MacOS) or Chromebook.


Purchasing software via Surfspot

You can purchase software for a cheap price on the website Surfspot. You need an email address from the Summa College for this as well. If you have just starting a programme, you will have to wait for this email address to be active. Before the start of the school year, you will receive your personal login information. With this information you can login to the Surfspot.

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