Following an internship is an important part of the programme. As an international student, it is mandatory to accomplish an internship abroad. In addition to the classes you attend at school, you will start working with a company or institution for a certain period of time. This is the moment you put everything you’ve learned during your studies into practice. During an internship that fits your programme, you will learn the skills that are part of your future career. This helps you make a good transition from education to the labour market.

You have an internship supervisor at school and a practical trainer at work. They help you do your internship. To complete your degree, you must complete your internship with a sufficient grade. In addition to the work you do at your internship, you also make assignments from a workbook.

Internship abroad

Doing one or more internships abroad is mandatory for an international student at Summa International.

  • If you plan on applying for an internship in Europe, you (once) may be eligible for an Erasmus+ scholarship. Erasmus students can intern at any European company they like. The internship will be entered into on a full-time basis (36 to 40 hours per week).
  • If you plan on interning outside Europe, you may be eligible for financial support from the Non EU Internship Fund, a special scholarship of Summa College. There is a maximum compensation of € 1,000 for each internship.

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