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Do you want to do business with international companies? Go on an internship abroad? Follow a commercial course that can take you in many different directions. 


Gaining and retaining customers

Maybe you will be the one in the future that has to help important customers at the company where you work.  That is why you will learn how to work with the information you have found out about customers, products, and the market (subject: Marketing). Based on this information, you will make an attractive proposal, so the customer buys your products (subject: Sales). You also learn how products end up abroad (Export) and how you bring products from abroad into the Netherlands (import). You will learn communication, presenting, researching and working together in an international environment.

Working together with companies and working together on projects

Based on real company assignments, you will look into the international business world. There are also projects where we mimic that business world. There are also moments when you might work with students from abroad on projects.  We offer a good mix between projects, lessons and practical work. We also bring international trade into school so you can learn from business professionals. 

Internship abroad? 

All your internships are with companies that do business with other companies abroad. In your first and third years, you do your internship in the Netherlands. In the second year, you can do an internship abroad.


As a Junior Manager International Trade, you can work in many different companies who work internationally. For example, a wholesaler or a manufacturing company. After graduating you can work in different departments at an international company. Think about the sales department (in the field or internally), but also, in a procurement department. 

Many of our students after graduating go on to do an hbo degree course. Because your course is so varied there are many suitable hbo degree courses available to you. 

The program is built around the tasks a Junior Manager International Trade has to carry out in reality at a company. Doing market research, carrying out sales conversations, managing relationships with international customers and trading with companies abroad are some of the important tasks.

On the course you follow blocks or projects. In every block there is a central theme that is important if you want to trade internationally. You learn all about this in your lessons. To learn this, you will be taught by teachers who all have their own area of expertise.

During your course you will do internships at internationally oriented companies in the Netherlands. In the second year you can go abroad (if you want) to do part of your education. You live there and work for an international company. Many students choose Spanish as their foreign language and then go to Spain for their internship. Other countries are, of course, possible. 

If you do an international job, then speaking a foreign language is a must. As well as English you will also learn German or Spanish. 

On the bilingual course (Dutch and English) you, of course, have English lessons. In a number of other lessons, you will only speak and hear English. This of course to make sure you become even more proficient in English. On the English course everything is in English. From the lessons to the parent’s evenings.  You can give your preference for which course you want to do when you register with us. After you have registered, we will discuss in a one-to-one meeting which variant suits you the best. 


One of the required subjects in this programme is Dutch. In order to obtain your diploma, you have to pass the exams Dutch (required level is 3F, this is a requirement by Dutch law).

If you do not have any knowledge of Dutch, this can be very challenging. Therefore we advise you to speak to one of our teachers about this before you register as a student.

The statutory tuition fees for the school year 2024-2025 are €1,419. Check for possible study grants. 

Each year the course consists of four lesson periods in combination with an internship period. 

A summary of all costs for the upcoming school year are on, at the latest by July 1 each year. Summa College decides on the specifications, but you can decide yourself where you buy your study materials. 


The course requires students to have a laptop. Make sure your laptop has the correct specifications. These can be found in this summary.

Extra activities and facilities 
As well as the costs for equipment and materials there might also be extra activities and facilities offered to you, such as study trips, company visits and excursions. These activities offer added value but are not compulsory and are not necessary for you to follow the course or to gain your diploma. 

You have to follow three electives to broaden or deepen your knowledge and prepare you for a higher level. You round off every elective with an exam. The contents of the electives are decided on by the school in consultation with the work field businesses. Think about, Online Marketing, Hbo Preparation, Orientation towards entrepreneurship, Responding to innovations and Lean and creative.

You also have the opportunity to get an extra certificate during your course. The EBBD prepares you for a career in international business life by providing you with the opportunity to improve your soft skills, language skills and international skills. It is a recognised European certificate that shows you have performed in an above average manner. Read more about it on the EBBD website.

To be admitted to this course you need:

  • A vmbo diploma kaderberoepsgerichte or theoretische leerweg or;
  • Bilingual diploma

The course is also suitable for foreign students (whether living in the Netherlands or not) who have a comparable pre-education. Your English must also be of a good level.

You will be invited for an introductory meeting where you learn about the school, and we look and see whether the course is a good fit for you.   We decide together which route fits you the best, the bilingual course or the fully English-speaking stream. 

Both teachers and students know the ins and outs of school. Ask any questions you have by using the contact details below:

Contact: Esther Behage
Teacher: Hellen Lapsley

Contact: Esther Behage
Teacher: Hellen Lapsley

Student Dana Faassen, DM: @Dana.Faassen

It is also possible to take part in a taster day or a guided tour or to visit one of our open days. All our activities can be found in our agenda.

On this page you find all you need to know about the start of the school year 2024-2025. If the information you seek is not yet available, please check back in juli.

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