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Do you want to break through internationally in the fashion industry? Are you enterprising, would you like to enter the world of fashion and do you like to show who you are and what you can do? Then this programme is designed for you!

A broad programme 
Summa International Fashion is a broad, fully English-taught programme. A combination of the disciplines Junior stylist and Junior product manager fashion. You will graduate in one of these two fields, but with a broad basis.

Insight into fashion 
As a stylist you make designs for a collection. As a product manager, you make sure that designs actually come into being. At school, you develop creative, technical, commercial and organisational skills. Subjects such as trend watching give you insight into fashion. Textile and product knowledge will help you increase your technical skills.

Circular fashion and innovation 
You will work on your commercial and organisational talents in the areas of marketing, economics, management and purchasing. You will also learn to work with different computer programmes. Circular fashion - in the context of sustainability - and innovation are central to the programme.


A Junior production manager works within the fashion branch of industry. This can be within a business process outsourcing, wholesale, or retail organisation. This can involve a company developing & selling products of its own ‘label’ and/or having products custom-made to be sold as a ‘private label’. Furthermore the resources and parts can also be bought by the company itself. In such a concept, only production is outsourced.

A Junior stylist can work in an integrated ready-to-wear company or in a business process outsourcing chain, in a department where collection items are developed and made. This can be done by a design studio or a freelancer.

After graduation, you can move on to various English-taught higher vocational education courses like:

  • AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute (Amsterdam)
  • Fashion and Textile Technologies - Saxion Hogeschool (Enschede)
  • TMO- Fashion Business School (Doorn)
  • Artez (Arnhem), HKU (Utrecht), WdKA (Rotterdam)
  • Academy of Fine Arts and Design (Maastricht)
  • Fontys Lifestyle Studies (Tilburg)
  • VIA - Design, Branding and Marketing, Fabric textile technologies (Denmark)
  • Design Academie (Eindhoven)

This is a broad course aimed at Fashion Management (Junior Product Manager) as well as Fashion Design (Junior Stylist).

The course consists of 'blocks' or projects. In each block a realistic problem is solved. The lessons will help you tackle these problems. We will have guest lecturers from the fashion world, and you will also work with e-learning.

Internships will be followed at internationally oriented companies in the Netherlands and - further on in the course - abroad. Each year of study usually consists of five lesson periods.

One of the required subjects in this programme is Dutch. In order to obtain your diploma, you have to pass the exams Dutch (required level is 3F, this is a requirement by Dutch law).

If you do not have any knowledge of Dutch, this can be very challenging. Therefore we advise you to speak to one of our teachers about this before you register as a student.

The tuition fee for school year 2023-2024 is € 1,357. In addition to the tuition fee you have to take into account the following costs.

Basic equipment school

The Summa Fashion course largely consist of practical lessons. Summa College partly provides the basic equipment (products and tools/materials) you need to follow these lessons. It is useful to also have some of these materials at home, so that you can practice your professional skills at home and at the internship company.

Books, software licenses and work material package

An overview of the total costs for the coming school year can be found centrally at no later than July 1st each year. Summa College determines the specifications, but you can choose where you buy the educational materials.

In cooperation and consultation with Fashion teaching staff, we have compiled a material package, which is required for Fashion students. Lucas Vakmaterialen offers this package at a very competitive package price.


This course requires students to have a laptop at their disposal. Please make sure your laptop has the correct specifications, which you can download here.

In the second year you can choose what course you want to specialise in: Fashion Management (Junior Product Manager) or Fashion Design (Junior Stylist).

You have to take class at three electives. These electives allow you to broaden or deepen your craftsmanship or prepare you to move on to a higher level. Each elective has an exam. The contents of the elective modules are determined by the school in consultation with the work field. The modules are currently under development and the offer may still change.

This is a course with a limited number of places. It is important that you sign up as soon as possible. This way you will have a better chance at being able to start this course, provided that you meet the admission requirements. It is also wise to sign up for another course that suits you. Read more.

To be accepted for this course you need:

  • pre-vocational secondary education certificate theoretical course or;
  • bilingual secondary education certificate.

Additional pre-education demands 
As well as meeting the formal requirements, you need to be truly passionate about Fashion and possess a number of soft skills, including being motivated, enthusiastic, having a professional work attitude, being prepared to pioneer, engage in global thinking, and having digital skills.

The course is also suitable for foreign students (whether or not currently living in the Netherlands) with a comparable level of education. 

Please be welcome Sunday November 12 or Sunday January 28 during the open day of Summa College. Come and enjoy the atmosphere, the buildings and talk to teachers and students.

What can you expect?

  • Lecturers are available to answer all your questions.
  • Talk to the students. They are happy to tell you about their experiences at Summa College.
  • Get well informed during information presentations.
  • Taste the atmosphere! What do you think of the building, the canteen, the teachers and students? Can you see yourself learning here?
  • Get to know the MBO. What levels and learning paths are there ?
  • Demonstrations or activities are organized at a number of courses.
  • Sometimes even the business community is present. Maybe you will get to know your future internship!


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